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Healthy Communication Guide
Healthy Communication Guide

Healthy Communication Guide

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Does your family struggle to communicate productively?

"You're frustrating me so much."

"That's my toy. Give it back!"

"Mom, he pushed me!"

"I don't want to eat dinner!"

"You're grounded for a month!"

"The only way to get through to you is to yell!"

Every family, both parent and child, will adopt unhealthy habits when communicating with one another. And while it's completely normal, it's not beneficial and can lead to damaged relationships, suppressed emotions, and a frustrating home life you're constantly wanting to escape.

Healthy communication produces:

  • Children who WANT to be home

  • A space where everyone feels safe to express their hearts

  • Kind, confident, and grateful humans

  • Kids who can solve their own problems

  • Better impulse control and self-regulation in children

  • A peaceful environment

  • Siblings that get along


Sure, it's not always going to be this way -- because we are human, we will fail again and again. 

But my desire for this guide is to educate you on why your household might be spinning out of control and to teach you the tools for better communication. After all, it starts with YOU, the parent. 

It begins with you taking a good hard look at how you're currently parenting and figuring out where there is room to grow.